Abscent Pocket Protector [CRIMSON]

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Carbon-lined smell-proof bags by Abscent

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Abscent are the only carbon-lined bags we stock for odour control.

Our bags have the THICKEST, MOST CONCENTRATED CARBON LINER on the market today.

  • DOUBLE-LINED Premier Quality Activated Carbon Lining
  • NEW ANTIMICROBIAL Lining to Protect Carbon
  • Reusable Odour-Absorbing Pouch
  • Heavy Duty, Conscientious* Construction
  • Water Resistant Exterior
  • Odour-Absorbing Flap
  • Double Velcro Seal

*Less stitching, less seams offers an ideal odour-absorbing composition

How to care for your Abscent bags

 Always put any “smelly substances” in a plastic bag or storage container before using your ABSCENT bag. 
Only the INSIDE of the bag is designed to absorb odours. 
When the OUTSIDE gets “dirty” or “smelly” clean gently with rubbing Alcohol / Dettol wipes. 
Do not clean with water or put the bag in a washing machine!
When the INSIDE needs “refreshing” – we recommend leaving the bag open near a heating source – that will help to reactivate the carbon.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 14 x 11.5 cm


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